Should I Ask For A Prescription When I’m Suffering Moderate Pain?

moderate painPain is all about perception. We live in a society that constantly prefers to medicate and use pills to achieve a pleasant state of being. However, when you experience moderate pain, how do you determine if you need a prescription from your doctor? Though there are no concrete circumstances, there are several considerations you should take before pursuing a stronger drug to manage your ailment.

Why Should You Medicate?

When you experience moderate pain, many choose to first use over-the-counter drugs to manage it. When those medications fail or your symptoms last more than seven days, that may be a sign it is time to speak with your doctor about a more aggressive treatment plan. Those who suffer from chronic pain often find it difficult to manage their pain with non-prescription drugs. In addition, patients who have just experienced major surgery on any part of their body experience different levels of pain during the healing process. Having continued discomfort throughout the day makes it difficult to maintain a relaxed quality of life. Choosing to speak with a physician about a prescription lets you eliminate the pain instead of your daily routine.

Why Shouldn’t You Medicate?

In some scenarios, a stronger medication is not the answer to the moderate pain you experience. A prescription is written for products that cannot be obtained without physician approval and typically include opioids. Opioids like dihydrocodeine have few side effects but continued use of them runs the risk of dependency and addiction. If you plan to use this medication to manage a painful condition, attempt other routes of pain management than a prescription instead to find a healthier solution that has less risk. Doctors are often more hesitant to give out a prescription without trying other courses of treatment so they often recommend physical therapy or other non-medicinal methods prior to the use of narcotics.

A momentary issue causes some moderate pain in life. It could be a sign that there is something more severe happening to your body. A physical examination to address potentially undetermined injuries may resolve your pain without needing a prescription.

Personal Preference

You are the only person who knows the level of pain you experience. Since a prescription requires a visit to the doctor anyway, speak with him about other remedies before committing to the strength of an opioid. If you are a recovering drug addict, you may choose a less severe course of action to maintain your sobriety. Those who experience any pain that is not manageable with painkillers that are available to the public should speak to the doctor to see what options you have.